Lonely Elevator

Lonely Elevator - Illustration
2012, Pencil & Digital (Photoshop), 9” x 9”

Date: 15 to 23 October 2012
Personal Project
Title: Lonely Elevator

The function of an elevator is to lift us to a much higher floor. The concept of the lonely elevator is to represent the lonely, outcast people who wish to do something for the society. Most companies would prefer to hire young people rather than older people. Though some companies do not mind to employ older people who have more experience, they are still very important for an organization. They are the ones who can guide the younger ones and even set an example in moral issues and how to accomplish a task. They also can elevate the youngsters’ mindset to see things in a long-term perspective. There are a lot of sad cases where the old people are being left alone. The young ones need to be grateful for their parents and even those who help them in their lives.

Lonely Elevator - Sketch
2012, Pencil on Paper, 9” x 9”

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