I’m thankful for my Lord to be nominated by Kalabalu (http://kalabalu.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/yaayyy-i-love-awards/) for numerous awards. Kalabalu, thank you also. These awards encourage me a lot. This is the first time to receive numerous awards from a blogger.








The rules for these awards are as follows πŸ™‚

1. Thank the person who nominated you link back to this awesome blogger.
2. Put the awards logo on your blog.
3. Nominate 15 Bloggers and tell them by leaving a comment on their blog post.

The 15 bloggers nominations are
1. http://chrismartinwrites.com/
2. http://leannecolephotography.com/
3. http://blog.shook.co/
4. http://markrmilan.wordpress.com/
5. http://ooggetuige.wordpress.com/
6. http://crazybeautifulnature.wordpress.com/
7. http://clivejenningsphotography.wordpress.com/
8. http://cncfashionaccessories.wordpress.com/
9. http://gegallas.wordpress.com/
10. http://satiswrites.com/
11. http://lishanchan.wordpress.com/
12. http://blog.sarahschmermund.com/
13. http://leafandtwig.wordpress.com/
14. http://sethsnap.com/
15. http://northierthanthou.com/


24 thoughts on “yaayyy-i-love-awards

  1. Hey Tienny! Cool post! Thanks for visiting Sisterhood Sticky Notes, my blog for women – always awesome to get visitors from around the world. Good luck with your blogging project – keep going!

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