Happiness Isn’t Free

This is a good article in the explanation of freedom by Rene Yoshi. I agree especially in the analogy of slave to the toothbrush and free from cavities. True freedom is meant to be a slave to something as well. This reminds me of Romans 6 where Paul speaks of true freedom in Christ.

Sweet Rains

IMG_0408 sailboat.qt_smw

A recent conversation with a friend about being happy reminded me of a quote I had saved years ago, because I thought it was so profound.

“To be free to sail the seven seas, you must make yourself a slave to the compass.  Every freedom has a corresponding slavery.  We can be free from the toothbrush and a slave to cavities or a slave to the toothbrush and free from cavities.  For everything we want, we must give up something else.” —Quiet Walk Daily e-Devotional

Just as freedom isn’t free, happiness isn’t free either.  Sometimes sacrifices must be made in order to obtain both freedom and true happiness.  Oftentimes we have to give up one thing in order to have what we ultimately want.  Is it worth it?  Sometimes it’s not a matter of having to give up one thing entirely in order to have another, but it may just…

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10 thoughts on “Happiness Isn’t Free

      1. In many ways. You have a great blog. I have read many of the things people are saying to you. I have read some of the responses you have made to people. You have been nominated for a number of awards. You have been reading many of my posts and liking. The list continues. I really think you are wonderful Tienny. Above all, as God’s child you are wonderful. Merry Christmas.

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