Fresh, Photography, 863 x 1151 mm
Fresh, Photography, 863 x 1151 mm

Greeneries and bluish water give me the sense of freshness. It is the place where I enjoy going to. Lives are getting more stressed in the city life. Rain helps to clean the smelly air and gives the freshness sense to me. Swimming is one of the sports that give me the feeling of freshness after many days of hard work. Flowers and leafs are wet intriguing the fresh greeneries. I love to look, observe, smell and even feel its texture. Try it! It helps to soothe our stressed minds and refresh our physical bodies. Nowadays, we live with lesser plants yet consuming vegetables grown with pesticides. This is the ironic of humanity. Funds are pumped into chemical research rather than improving the agriculture and horticulture growth. Can we stop using chemical subtances to the plants and animals? Can we continue in using natural fertilizer?

Last week, my husband and I brought our son to Gardens by the Bay to enjoy the beautiful nature and flowers. The waterfall and flower gardens are covered with air conditioner. Plates of explanations are inserted besides the plants, natural reserves and even flowers to introduce the different kinds of plantations in different countries. Yes, it was nice to visit such places yet I feel artificial. Air conditioner and even the designs are man-made. Many plants and flowers are planted in the same rows and columns of compartments. The wild is domesticated into a paid venue. Some plants are re-planted to let people visit. Is the joy to visit the various countries of natural reserves confined in an air-conditioned place?


15 thoughts on “Fresh

  1. The photograph is wonderful and it looks like it’s a very peaceful place to visit. What you say is very true that it’s sad that we have to turn nature into a paid venue, but if we do, then at least they seem to have done a good job with this one.

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