Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a kitten. It is a Sanrio characters. Mimi is Hello Kitty’s sister. Their story revolves around family members and classmates. Its theme is more educational with the consequences of a good and bad decision. My son loves its story and the importance of being patient is one of the most essential traits for toddlers and children to learn. What will happen for being impatient? It depends on situations. Self-gratification is the erupted character traits once patience is practiced continuously.

Eating biscuit can be eaten now or later after meals. When biscuit is munched before meals, it disrupted the toddlers’ digestion. “Full” is the mark of improper digestive system. Eventually, it leads to immediate self-gratification and into habitual problems. Not just grandparents, parents also play a vital role to guide the young ones in their daily habits. After proper meals, the biscuit consumption is lesser. Once implement such system consistently, it is good for the child’s growth.

According to my observation, Hello Kitty has a different temperament compared to Mimi. Hello Kitty is impatient in contrast to Mimi though she is a fast learner. When two different temperaments have the same value and are willing to work together, they will be a good team. In a company, there are different types of employees’ temperaments. Though different temperaments lead to conflict, they can be a good teamwork when respect and mutual understanding occurs. Why does conflict arises? How to solve it? Who can solve it? Is it important to set boundaries to prevent bullying?


7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty

  1. Compromise is a very important factor in life…especially when concerning issues with conflict of interest. WHO is willing to give in plays the important role but it seems that most of the time, people tend to stick to their opinion(s) in the name of self-esteem/protection/interest, nobody wants to be at the losing end if given the choice.

    “Am I ready to be the One to compromise even if I were to lose my advantages BUT it might turn the situation around?”

    That is the question I always ask myself.

    Hmmm….I am not sure if I have gone off topic, but just sharing my thoughts after reading this post. I didn’t really know much about Hello Kitty before reading this, so thank you so much for sharing.

    Have a great day ahead, always! Cheers! ☺

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