7 Reasons to Visit Your Local Brick and Mortar Stores

Good reasons to visit local stores 🙂

Shop Girl Anonymous

It is believed by some extremists that internet shopping will be the end of all Brick and Mortar locations.  They might as well stand on the street corner with their pitchforks and  slandering signs shouting out “The End Is Near!”  I’m not one of these extremist  but I am very strongly a believer of shopping in store versus online for many reasons.

1. Support Local Economy

The best way to help the economy of my community is investing in it.  For each item I purchase from a human as opposed to a computer I am putting towards employing a fellow local.  This is also a vital point in how a city grows and flourishes is through the value of their commerce.  If we can have shoppers in our malls and brick and mortar shops, we can keep vacant buildings off the street, and beautiful newly maintained shopping centers popping up.

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