This is a beautiful poetry the importance of unity rather than doing it alone.

The Irreducible Primary


“Mindfulness confute
Navigating the absurd
Evading stagnation

Inner providence
Rhythmic sensitivities
Exposed dimensions

Seemingly endless
Contradictions of Being
Uniquely Human

New survival skill
Guessing terrorist kill zones
Modern day living”

“Human Beings cannot afford to alienate from each other. In the span of every moment, seven billion Human–to–Human or Human–to–Nature interactions occur in the form of thought or activity. The Human Species influences Creation through one of two directions: (1) We oppose each other and continue to contribute to and intensify the chaos that disrupts Creation or (2) We unify as the force that will restore the balance within Creation. No other alternative exists.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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