2017 Year of Caring

This is my collaboration work with https://pillowglitch.wordpress.com. We love cooperation rather than competition. Let 2017 be our year of caring. šŸ™‚


greeting-2017-screentshot-1A crossover collaboration between PillowglitchĀ©Ā BeanParrots and TiennyĀ©Ā TurtleĀ to bring to you a Happy 2017 Greeting!Ā WhenĀ the speedsterĀ meets the conscientious [video].

Hereā€™s to the misunderstood. There are others like you out there hoping to be foundā€¦ be the one who finds them.

To speedsters out there, it is always easy to hate and not care about conflicts because we already have so much tasks on our hands. But when we take the time to listen and understand, it will open up unimaginable shortcuts to solving problemsā€¦ life is cooperation not competition ā€“ just like the ecosystem that makes up your biological body.

It has been another rough year the world this 2016. Lift others so that we may rise stronger together. Let 2017 be a year of caring. Shout less, for the most important solutions are often the ones not heard.

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