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Act Of Balancing

I also enjoy connecting with people and do work with people. There are times I need to withdraw so that I can connect with my inner-self and focus on my work.

Recently, my energy has been drained. Why? I have been asking “Why?” Then someone highlighted is being out for too much and meeting negative energy.

When I am alone and given direction and clear instruction, I get my energy for doing the work.

However, when I take course and/or work, my energy level increases. I also ask “Why?”

Then I realize is to balance both.


Worked on my commissioned website

I’m sorry for so long I haven’t been blogging.
Currently, I am working part-time and hoping to find a full-time job.
Thus, I improve my commissioned work website.

I feel so happy to unexpectedly win the AFCC 2017 Super Short Story award. I’m so happy that my story can engage your participation in my short story submission.



Finally, a lesson to be learned about patience. It’s good to strike a balance between patience and impatience.

Success Inspirers World

Patience is good;

No one denies that;

But the patient dog does not always eat the fattest bone;

Sometimes the patient dog has no bone too eat.

While the patient dog is waiting,

The impatient dogs may eat all the bones;

Therefore, while patience is good,

Patience has its limits.


Be patient ;

But also know when to lose your patience.

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AFCC Super Short Story Competition

Currently, I am submitting to AFCC 2017 Super Short Story. Will you please read and comment it at Then please click like if you like the story. Really appreciate it. Please search #AFCCSuperShortStory. My story title is “A Tiny Heart”. 20 March is the deadline.

If can’t find it, alternatively please go to my Facebook post that have the direct link to it.

Some people have been telling me that they can’t find my submission.

Please go to Then click the photo section in order to reach the direct link of AFCC 2017. Appreciate for you all to leave feedback on the feelings my story give to you. The instructions are as per screenshot. Thanks for your time.


Human Avatar Profile

I decide to reset my website So I ask a web developer to improve on my site. He requests my photograph. Instead of inserting my photograph, I choose to create a human avatar of myself. It takes time to develop it due to working, family commitments, and the need to complete other tasks.

The development of my human avatar are as follows:

Sketch with Pencil
Base Colour with dark brown hair
Base Colour with black hair
The summary of the whole process

How do
I push it further?

Being in the Center

The photo and the poetry intrigues me to understand the whole context. In my visual mind, I was standing in the center with many doors and feel stuck. Then I relate it to my life of being caught in between. Thus I give my feedback in response to Sue Vincent’s paths poetry that being the center can confusing. She gives an unexpected response, “Only if you don’t know where you have come from 🙂”. Startled. Then I have a good laugh.

How can I don’t know where I come from? 

Sue, you makes have a good laugh during my confusion times.