Artist Statement

My passion in drawing and storytelling drives me to learn Animation. Since young I love to draw, listen to music, read books, and create comic sketching of inspired short stories.

Fascinated by the first Manga titled “Candy Candy” that I read when I was young, it became my source of drawing reference and practice for my drawing skills. Yumiko Igarashi and Kyoko Mizuki were the illustrator and author (respectively) of that Manga. Other than being drawn to the beautiful form of Japanese animation, its story content also captured my attention.

Furthermore, Walt Disney cartoons also played a part in its influence toward my passion. My third uncle has many Walt Disney Video Cassettes which he often lent to my brother and me to watch. Donald Duck was and is one of my favourite Walt Disney characters. I was enthralled by its various facial expressions and how Donald responds to different situations. I see the cuteness of a duck intermingled with a desire to live a happy life, a happiness that all people aspire towards, which is probably one of the main reasons why Donald is universally appealing. Despite his likeability, Donald Duck also incorporates a dark side. One aspect of that dark side is his temperate nature.

In conclusion, animation helps me to bring my ideas to life.


7 thoughts on “Artist Statement

  1. Your work is amazing Tienny, and I have a special love for your animation which is an artform that has always intrigued me. Keep up the great work.

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