Category: Character Design

Human Avatar Profile

I decide to reset my website So I ask a web developer to improve on my site. He requests my photograph. Instead of inserting my photograph, I choose to create a human avatar of myself. It takes time to develop it due to working, family commitments, and the need to complete other tasks.

The development of my human avatar are as follows:

Sketch with Pencil
Base Colour with dark brown hair
Base Colour with black hair
The summary of the whole process

How do
I push it further?


Baby Ngoh

I have been sharing a story to my son who is 3 years and 7 months. A character I named Baby Ngoh. The story is based on facts of science woven into the story to make it believable. He loves listening it in my mother tongue, mandarin. Now, I attempt to write it down.

Sorry for so long not posting to you all ever since my desktop computer broke down. Thanks a lot for your kind kind understanding and patience.