Category: Design

TTC Apps Website

Date: June 2014 – April 2015
CLIENT: SOOGI Therapeutic Services
TITLE : TTC Apps Website App Games
Job Title: Character Designer & Animator, Web Designer, Singapore
Location: Singapore

Choosing the right designs for the whole website layout besides of conceptualizing the character designs and animations for iPhone and Android games app.

TTC Apps Web Design


Baby’s Needs & Blog Design Theme

宝宝的需要 Baby’s Needs

宝宝的需要 Baby’s Needs

Date: 28 Oct – 08 Nov 2011
CLIENT: Daylight Tune Ministry
TITLE : 宝宝的需要 Baby’s Needs
Job Title: Conceptual Illustrator, Graphic Design, and Sound Recording & Editor

Responsible for conceptualizing and illustrating the poetry titled “Baby’s Needs” and designing logo and two artists’ profile pictures for Daylight Tune Ministries at