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Worked on my commissioned website

I’m sorry for so long I haven’t been blogging.
Currently, I am working part-time and hoping to find a full-time job.
Thus, I improve my commissioned work website.

I feel so happy to unexpectedly win the AFCC 2017 Super Short Story award. I’m so happy that my story can engage your participation in my short story submission.




Finally, a lesson to be learned about patience. It’s good to strike a balance between patience and impatience.

Success Inspirers World

Patience is good;

No one denies that;

But the patient dog does not always eat the fattest bone;

Sometimes the patient dog has no bone too eat.

While the patient dog is waiting,

The impatient dogs may eat all the bones;

Therefore, while patience is good,

Patience has its limits.


Be patient ;

But also know when to lose your patience.

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Being in the Center

The photo and the poetry intrigues me to understand the whole context. In my visual mind, I was standing in the center with many doors and feel stuck. Then I relate it to my life of being caught in between. Thus I give my feedback in response to Sue Vincent’s paths poetry that being the center can confusing. She gives an unexpected response, “Only if you don’t know where you have come from 🙂”. Startled. Then I have a good laugh.

How can I don’t know where I come from? 

Sue, you makes have a good laugh during my confusion times.

How you can help me share your blog and promote your books, art, music for FREE

How you can help me share your blog and promote your books, art, music for FREE

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

DSC_0861 a

As a writer I am delighted when a fellow blogger or contact on social media shares my work or my posts. In turn it gives me great pleasure to reciprocate but it helps when people come to me or make it easy for me to share their books, posts, tweets etc.

On WordPress there are a number of buttons that you can install that enables others to follow and share. I notice that some bloggers choose not to display the Reblog button which is quite useful as a sharing method… If a post is special, relevant, contains important information or is entertaining reblogging helps bring traffic to your blog and also gets your post to a wider audience. When it is reblogged only the first paragraph or sentences are shown and then you have to click a link to be taken to the original. It is also best if the…

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Photo post by @Airlia2ai.

Source: Travel… Through this, I converse with the Locquate on our experiences. My experiences are summed up at

The beauty of chirping birds, nearby flowers, flying butterflies and even the beauty of God’s kindness in humans.