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Act Of Balancing

I also enjoy connecting with people and do work with people. There are times I need to withdraw so that I can connect with my inner-self and focus on my work.

Recently, my energy has been drained. Why? I have been asking “Why?” Then someone highlighted is being out for too much and meeting negative energy.

When I am alone and given direction and clear instruction, I get my energy for doing the work.

However, when I take course and/or work, my energy level increases. I also ask “Why?”

Then I realize is to balance both.


Short Animated Film

I have been struggling with housework, part time job, night animation class and even with own 6 years old son.

Thus I seldom blog and miss connecting with other bloggers.

Looking for job opportunities and reset my blog at

Currently, I’m applying for job opportunities and grant to lead short animated films.

A new site is created to dedicate on the short animated films I have done.

I really appreciate for your time to give feedback of improvements for my sites.