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Happy Chinese New Year 2014

I would like to wish everyone
CNY Greetings 2014


Little Wolf

Concept On: Tuesday, 2 July 2013
Concept Time: 9:10pm
Shoot Date: Saturday, 6 July 2013
Shoot Time: 6:30pm
Video Editing: Friday, 12 July 2013

Video Statement

While I was playing kitchen toys with my son, I played with the pan to cook fish with him. The idea of little wolf captured my concept when I put the pan onto my folded fingers in the position of the depicted photo.

During the photo taking, I fold my fingers tighter showed a scheming wolf compared to loose finger fold pose. Various angles are also experimented to see the feelings it gives to the audience and me.


Besides of drawing, I am also interested in beautiful nature, pets, and other subjects that spark an inspiration to me.

Photography is another way of expressing my curiosity and interpretation towards the message that subjects and/or objects instil to me. It is also a means of keeping valuable memories that are important in my walk of life.

Ever since I study animation, photography is also essential to bring out the essence of emotions, feelings, and atmosphere of the characters and/or subjects that are being captured especially in stop-motion puppet animation. A few of such animations that caught my attention are ‘Wallace and Gromit’ and ‘Chicken Run’.

My photograph collections can be viewed here.